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Selling or auctioning your collection?

Do you want to get the highest price for your collection of coins and/or banknotes? You can contact Mooie Muntjes to get a fair assessment free of charge! We are specialized in Dutch coins and banknotes from 1500 onwards. We are glad to advise you on ways to get the highest price and offer the following:

  • We buy your collection.
  • We auction your collection at our own online 24/7 auction (see conditions below).
  • We buy part of your collection and auction the other part at our online 24/7 auction.

Feel free to contact us about these and other possibilities. We may also arrange a visit to your house or location.

Conditions submitting to 24/7 auction Mooie Muntjes

  1. Submitted can be: coins, banknotes, medals and/or coin sets.
  2. The estimated value of the submitted collection must be at least € 150,00.
  3. Our commission on the auction is 20% of the total revenue, plus € 1,00 for every sold item.
  4. Mooie Muntjes has to agree with the submitted collection and the collection will therefore be evaluated. We prefer a physical evaluation but you can also send images by mail. In the latter case all items will also have to be specified. Mooie Muntjes cannot be held responsible for items which turn out to be counterfeit.
  5. How the items are transfered to Mooie Muntjes is to be discussed before. In case of sending by mail, the package must always be sent by registered mail.
  6. A collection is split up by Mooie Muntjes in individual lots. It is up to Mooie Muntjes to decide how and when the items will be auctioned but the owner can of course state his/her preferences. The average return must be at least € 25,00 per lot.
  7. From the moment the items are physically transferred, Mooie Muntjes is responsible for the items. At that moment the items are also insured at their appraisal value. This value is established before by Mooie Muntjes and merely an estimate.
  8. Before the items are auctioned, the entrant receives an overview of all lots.
  9. When a lot remains unsold, the lot will as soon as possible be put on auction again. Mooie Muntjes is allowed to reset the minimum price of the lot.
  10. Within four weeks after the auction has ended, the total revenue is transferred to the entrant's bank account.
  11. Mooie Muntjes reserves the right to refuse (part of) the submitted items - without giving reason.
  12. By submitting the entrant states to be aware of and comply with the terms and conditions.
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