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Auction principle
This is a so-called Dutch auction. This means every second the price is reducing. Mooie Muntjes sets the initial price and the speed it drops until the minimum price is reached.

Buy now or place a bid
A lot can be purchases in two ways: you can either buy it straight away for the current price or place an auto-bid. With the later you run of course the risk that someone else has placed a higher bid.

These lots are only a few hours online. The price drops very fast so you have to decide quickly.

Combined payment
You don't have to pay straight away for a lot you have won. You can also combine payment of your lots. This saves time and shipping costs. However, you'll have to settle your items within 21 days.
You may even combine the payment of auction lots with items from the webshop. But in that case the latter products will have to be added after the lots.

The cost of shipping in the Netherlands is as always € 2,00. Abroad it is € 8,50 for any amount of coins or banknotes. Orders above € 125,00 are sent by registered mail. This additional service is free of charge.

Track lots
It is possible to track lots without placing a bid. You can thus monitor how your favorite lots are doing. Sold and unsold lots stay online for 24 hours after the auction has ended so you can check for what price the lot has been sold (marked as 'sold') or what the minimum price was (marked as 'auction ended').

Terms and Conditions
The regular terms and conditions of the webshop also apply to the auction.


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